Attractions of UAE are famous all over the world because they are special in its own kind. Facilities and glamour of this country has created a benchmark in the entire world as UAE attractions have grabbed the attention of all age groups. UAE comes under the world’s few luxurious destinations which welcome millions of tourist every year with complete astonishment and thrilling options.

UAE Attractions

Every year UAE has many new options for its citizens and visitors to see, as the country keeps on working on new projects in order to attract maximum number of viewers. The most visited city of this country by tourists is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Things to do in Dubai holds record breaking attractions which are the best in their respected fields. Few of the Top 10 Attractions of the country are as followed:



Burj Khalifa
The world’s tallest building and the most beautiful and amazed piece of work from the human hands is the biggest attraction of the country. The building holds 163 floors which includes both residential and commercial areas.



Burj Al Arab
A sail shape hotel standing on the artificial island is again a plethora of the amazing work accomplished by human hands. Considered as one of the most expensive and third tallest hotel of the world, the living wonder is one of the biggest attraction in UAE as it is not affordable for every pocket therefore one can take a look of it from different parts of the city.



Sheikh Zayed Mosque
A beautiful man made creation which will widen and brighten your eyes. The amazing art work done in this mosque will become an unforgettable view of your eyes. From carpet to the chandeliers, every equipment used in this mosque is special in its own kind.



The Dubai Mall
Considered as the largest mall (in terms of area) of the world, this mall holds of the record of welcoming millions of visitors every year. Along the record of being the largest, this mall also holds the record of the largest indoor Skiing Park and the biggest aquarium of the world. The mall is equipped with all the luxury brands and is a big source of entertainment too.



Palm Island
A dream which got accomplished in the most beautiful manner. As the country is famous for palm trees therefore the engineers of the country plan to make an artificial island with the shape of palm tree which they have successfully achieved. The island holds beautiful sea facing villas (villas with their private beaches), 5 star hotels and many commercial grounds on it. The actual view of this island will be enjoyed by taking an aerial view of Dubai.

The list of Top things to do in UAE is never endings as there is a lot more to do in the country. Few more famous attractions of UAE are Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Wild wadi water-park, sky-scraping buildings, Dubai Opera, etc.


Author: UAE Top 10

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